What Is A Paint Juicy Paint and Sip Class?

A Paint Juicy Paint and Sip Class is a professionally led painting class accompanied by wine or other sips, fun, high energy, all your best friends and mirror balls. Hell yeah!

We’ve got an epic fit out with kaleidoscopic lighting. Why not bring a charcuterie board board to spice it up? Our throwback tunes are certainly hard to pass up. No matter what kind of party you’re after, we can provide it for you. From birthdays to hens nights or a work parties? Pick the perfect session that suits your situation. We’ve also got some sweet entertainment including the likes of our stunning Drag Queen ShuShu Funtanna and or a nudey rudey male model. Are you in?

Here’s what to bring along:


What Wine To Bring To A Paint Juicy Sesh

No questions asked - you’ll need to bring along a bottle of wine or your fave beer, cider or pre-mix. We suggest something light, so it’s best to stick to options like Dry Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. These two are the perfect pick as it’s a tasty and light white wine ~ delish. If you prefer red, it’s best to pick something on the milder side as well like Pinot Noir. Ask us for an ice bucket to keep it cool, yo.


What Snacks To Bring To A Paint Juicy Sesh

The best snacks to bring should always be easy to handle with a low risk of making a mess. Food like pre-cut cheese, hummus with crackers, pistachios, trail mix, dark chocolate bark bites, and pretzels are a good start to create the perfect charcuterie board. 

If you want to bring along some snacks that are a bit more comprehensively prepared, why not  opt for finger sandwiches, some cut-up fruit, cookies and brownies, or even pizza? The more private the party is, the more you can experiment with the snack platters you can bring, as it’ll allow you to estimate how large the crowd will be.

If you choose to boogie on up to our Upper Coomera studio, you can actually order some Pattysmith’s and dine over handcrafted premium burgers delivered straight to you.

There you have it, the best things to bring to a Paint and Sip sesh Juicy style. It’s the perfect opportunity to encourage creativity in an epic entertainment hub to socialise and have fun in.