What To Wear To A Paint and Sip Class

If you’re going to a paint and sip class, you don’t want to wear your favourite night-out clothes, or else you risk getting paint on them. During this event, you’ll enjoy a nice dinner with your acquaintances somewhere, and you surely don’t want to wear your paint-covered pants from your last project. 

So instead of you going back and forth in your closet, choosing the perfect ensemble for your paint and sip, we’ve compiled a list of things you can note of. That way, your wardrobe selection doesn’t have to be so tricky, but you’ll arrive with something you love for the night!

Here are some tricks to finding the perfect ensemble for your paint and sip:


Wear Your Official Painting Outfit

You may choose to arrive wearing clothes you usually wear when you’re painting or attending a paint and sip. Many guests have their own designated paint clothes that they wear for such events. 

These clothes may be a whole outfit or simply a sweater that can cover up your actual date night outfit underneath it. In addition, having an official ensemble for these events means you no longer have to stress over paint and wine splatters. 


Camouflage Paint Stains With Multi-Coloured Clothes

It may be a mad genius idea, but you can wear bold, multi-colour clothes that will simply camouflage paint stains that may fall on your clothes. When paint drops on these clothes, they might be able to fit right in! And who knows, maybe you’ve created a new art yourself.

You may check your studio’s calendar to see what painting you’ll be working on so you can match your clothes with them. If not, you may choose between floral prints, colourful critter prints and rainbow stripes. You may even try clothes that are out there, such as intergalactic leggings, check prints and 80s-inspired gear. 


Dig Into the Depths of Your Closet

Remember those clothes you would otherwise never wear but simply can’t get rid of? Paint and sip is the perfect opportunity to wear them! 

Go deep into your closet and look for something you haven’t worn in months or years, something you like enough to keep for long but aren’t so in love with that you’ll be upset when it gets ruined. Those clothes are perfect for a night of painting and socialising!


Just Keep It Simple

It goes without saying that you should not wear designer clothes to a paint and sip knowing the risks of the event. If you don’t want to ruin your $200 clothes, swap them for inexpensive jeans or jackets that you can do even if they get paint on them.

You also may not want to wear white shirts, clothes made from silk, or even those with sentimental value. While you will be wearing an apron while painting, it’s best to take precautions. So don’t wear anything that you don’t want to get ruined in case.

Paint and sip classes and events can sometimes get messy as that is part of the creative process. Aprons are there to control the mess made and protect your clothes, but paint can go on places such as the sides of a table, easel. But whatever you wear to our paint and sip, make sure to take photos to remember a fun night!

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