4 Ways To Plan a Successful Team Building Event

Team building activities and events are designed to give employees a break and have fun while still promoting qualities that can be useful and productive in the workplace. Sadly, some people may not have a good experience with past team building events, seeing anything organised by the company as the opposite of fun. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. 

If you’re not well acquainted with your colleagues, your workdays could end up being a drag. And if an employee doesn’t seem to have fun or feel supported at work, they’re more inclined to try their luck elsewhere. This is where team building activities come in. By planning a big event where your employees can enjoy themselves, you can allow them to let go of their inhibitions and enjoy each other’s company.

Some of the ways you can successfully plan a team-building event include:


Figure Out What Your Team’s Limitations Are

When holding a team-building event on the Gold Coast, you need to consider what your employees/ team members can and cannot do. If someone is afraid of heights or gets seasick easily, do not force them into activities that make them feel uncomfortable. Be considerate of others who might be too shy to participate or are physically unable to do some activities. Remember that a team building event is meant to be fun, so allow people to participate only if they are willing.


Strike a Balance Between Teamwork and Competitiveness

Healthy competition can work wonders for your team members. The level of competitiveness can also differ per group, depending on their personalities. But instead of having a set team throughout the whole event, you can keep the rivalry and competitiveness more low-key by changing the groups per activity. This removes the “Us vs. Them” state of mind that some might end up developing.

The purpose of competitive games is for the teams to bond with their officemates. If you have employees who cannot do strenuous activities, there are other games that they can participate in that still promote teamwork and are enjoyable for everyone. For example, escape rooms are becoming more popular as a team-building activity. You can work against the clock or see which group gets out first.

Other non-physical activities can work perfectly well for your employees. You can have a grand cook-off or a board game tournament. You can even hold a competitive paint night for those who want to be more creative.


Give Back to the Community

Another great team-building activity involves projects that give back to the community. This allows your employees to get to know each other and bond. They won’t be pushed that far out of their comfort zone in the process, either. 

You can take your employees to a community garden, a food bank, or other locations where a local project is ongoing. There are numerous ways for you and your employees to give back; all it takes is to think outside the box.


Let Your Creative Juices Flow

If you want to do something more creative for your artistically inclined employees, then a theme “paint night” is a fantastic idea. You can even hold a team building paint and sip activity to get people talking while working on their pieces. Letting creative juices flow as they take a sip of a cocktail or two will surely be a memorable experience for your team.

There are many ways for you to make your team building event a successful feat. Whether you want to do something mind-boggling like escape rooms, physically demanding like an obstacle course, or creative like paint night, you always need to keep all of your employees’ best interests and capabilities in mind. 

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