Facts About Paint & Sip Parties

Paint and Sip Parties are one of Australia’s fastest-growing ideas for all types of events, created specifically for adults, and are genuinely as enjoyable as they look. 

Here are some facts you need to know about this growing party trend:

Being an Artist Is Not Required 

A painting party is still considered an art class, which means that even if you have no prior artistic training, you will leave with the essential skills and and buzzing experience! Even seasoned artists can attest to the educational value of adult painting workshops and how the the relaxed party atmosphere as opposed traditional art schools can really let the creativity go wild.


Painting Parties Are Less Intensive Than Traditional Painting Classes 

Maybe you've taken traditional art courses previously and found perfecting every intricate line to be somewhat tedious. Our painting classes aren’t like this. 

Paint Juicy teaches the entire class a single artwork, so no worries about getting lost or left behind. Our in-house artist will guide you step by step in easy to follow stages. We also provide traced lines for beginners and let your creativity wander with colours and styles. 

While with us if you feel the groove to add other elements to your artwork, we encourage you do so. Get your paint party on with us!


It’s a Brilliant Party Idea 

Painting parties are a unique way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. You and your guests will all have a lovely artwork and a remarkable memory of the experience.

Additionally, Paint Juicy allows you to bring in whatever else you'd want, such as beer or wine and snacks. It's your domain, and you have control over your time with us. When it comes to paint and sip parties, anything goes, so have fun and get creative!


You'll Have a Great Time at our Paint Parties

You will undoubtedly have a good time. Paint Juicy keeps the atmosphere is vibrant, informative, and free-flowing in its expression. It is after all a paint party.

We try to create bold and eclectic pieces that will resonate with people. From the colours used to the topic, we try to be different. Everyone in the class has the same concept to paint but everyone’s artwork will be unique. That make it so surprising and fun!

We at Paint Juicy are confident that you will discover that painting can be fun while relaxing with a glass of wine with friends. The facts listed above are just some of the best things you can enjoy at a paint and sip party, but the real fun lies in experiencing it. 

Paint Juicy is established on the Gold Coast and Brisbane with a nostalgic edge and we serve clients throughout Australia through our Paint at Home Painting Kits. This all began with a wish to broaden the scope community while creating a welcoming environment for everybody and anyone. In addition, we provide team building activities, birthday parties, hens parties, and private paint and sip parties. Give us a call right away!